Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In Case You Missed It: Thanks Taylor and Lasana!

Here's the intro (written by CA Conrad) for these two fantastic readers! It was a pretty spectacular night!

Flying surveillance robots the size of insects will have prototypes completed in 2010at the University of Waterloo, Wright State, and Harvard.

The four-winged Wright Dragon-Flyer boasts impressive speeds and state-of-the-art maneuverability, and is said to be the size of an actual dragon fly. Our ability to hide and escape will soon become the new fiction.

Poets Lasana Sekou and Taylor Brady enter the magnetic fields of empire's rancor and tyranny, their poems signaling through the new killing fields and sedated living room walls, defying the ranks of death-as-cure. Millions of years of evolution have formed the minds of poets to counter the leaders and allies of empire: corporate, academic, governmental, etc.

At Harvard they are hard at work perfecting flying surveillance robots the size of common house flies which operate on optical and chemical sensors, and have communication systems which will allow them to exist in colonies and create autonomous flight patterns together to optimize their skills for locating programmed targets.

Sekou and Brady are poets who experience the same gravitational pull as any spy, human or robotic. They operate their own optical and chemical sensors, and have communication systems which also conduct autonomous flight patterns.

Please help me welcome the addressing of empire from poets Lasana Sekou, and Taylor Brady.

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