Monday, March 15, 2010

In Case You Missed It: Thanks Ronaldo!

Ronaldo Wilson was in beautiful form this past Saturday, when giving a fantasic and generous reading.

Here is the introduction by CAConrad:
Queer activist and filmmaker Marlon Riggs created the documentary COLOR ADJUSTMENT over a decade ago, tracing and exposing white, corporate America's racist template for network television. One of the most telling interviews on this embedded racism was with Esther Rolle, star of, and co-creator of the show GOOD TIMES. She told how network executives tried to convince her that it would be better for the show if she would agree to make her character a single mother. But she had a mission to make the black man visible as father and husband on network TV. Before GOOD TIMES all black women on television were single, or single mothers. On the first day of shooting John Amos, hired to play her husband on the show, had been quietly sent home and removed from the script. When Esther Rolle came to work and found out she REFUSED to allow the cameras to roll until her husband was written back into the script and returned to the set. She finally won the argument, and helped change the history of the disappeared. Such dedication to LIVE RIGHT by this world keeps true to the words of Frederick Douglass when he said, "POWER CONCEDES NOTHING WITHOUT A DEMAND! IT NEVER DID AND IT NEVER WILL!" The poetry and work of Ronaldo Wilson brings further light to the visible and invisible. Author Wayne Koestenbaum writes, "I applaud Ronaldo Willson's path-breaking movement into what has never, never, in history, been said. About sexuality, in particular, these poems speak with incorrigible and raving clarity." Please help me welcome Ronaldo Wilson!

And here is a link to an audio file of Ronaldo's reading. It starts mid-poem, unfortunately, but is otherwise fantastic

zSHARE - 04 Track 04 4.m4a

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