Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Eileen Myles & Zoe Whittall this Friday 4/19

Saturday, April 19, 2008
Timken Lecture Hall 7:30 p.m.
Refreshments will be served

Please note the special *Saturday* date for this SPT event.

Zoe Whittall is the author of the novel Bottle Rocket Hearts
(Cormorant, 2007) and two volumes of poetry, including the
recent Emily Valentine Poems (Snare, 2006) and The Best
Ten Minutes of Your Life
(McGilligan, 2001). The Globe and Mail
recently called her, "the cockiest, brashest, funniest, toughest,
most life-affirming, elegant, scruffy, no-holds-barred writer to
emerge from Montreal since Mordecai Richler." Her stories
and poetry have been anthologized widely in books like Baby
Remember My Name
edited by Michelle Tea, Red Light:
Superheroes, Saints & Sluts
edited by Anna Camilleri, Brazen
edited by Anna Camilleri and Chloe Brushwood-Rose,
With a Rough Tongue: Femmes Write Porn edited by Amber
Dawn and Trish Kelly, and Breathing Fire Two: Canada's New
edited by Lorna Crozier and Patrick Lane. She was born
on a sheep farm in rural Quebec and has lived in Toronto
since 1997.

Over the last three decades Eileen Myles has written, produced,
and performed a multitude of poems, plays, articles, libretti. In
1992, she conducted an openly female "write in campaign" for
President of the United States. She has toured internationally
with Sister Spit's Rambling Road Show and is considered
"America's best known unofficial poet." In Sorry, Tree (Wave
Books, 2007), Myles describes "some nature" as well as the
transmigration of souls from the east coast to the west. She's
a "rock star of modern poetry" according to Bust magazine and
we're glad to have here back at SPT.