Thursday, April 3, 2008

Changes at SPT

Dear Members of the Small Press Traffic Community:

It is with great regret that the Board of Small Press Traffic (SPT) announces that we have received the resignation of Elizabeth Treadwell as our Executive Director (see below). Dana Teen Lomax, who has been acting as interim Executive Director since July of 2007, has agreed to stay on through the end of 2008, in order to ensure a smooth transition to the next generation of SPT leadership.

While the board is extremely excited about SPT’s future, and looks forward to helping guide the organization through this time of transition, we also want to take a moment to acknowledge our deep gratitude to Elizabeth for leaving SPT in a position of stability and strength. SPT’s new leadership will inherit a strong organization, as well as the large and passionate audience Elizabeth was key to expanding over the last seven years. In terms of outreach, programming, and fiscal management, Elizabeth has been extremely effective and will be a true challenge to replace. At the same time, we are confident that her leadership has given SPT the basic tools to succeed and grow during the organization’s next phase.

Since its inception, Small Press Traffic has always relied on the vigorous input and participation of the local writing community to sustain our mission and independence. Given the upcoming leadership transitions and current funding climate, we will welcome continued community involvement and support more than ever. We are eager to include feedback on how best to move forward, so be on the lookout for announcements on SPT’s transitional process and opportunities to get involved.

The Small Press Traffic Board of Directors
David Buuck, President
Stephanie Young, Vice President
Brent Cunningham, Treasurer
Scott Inguito, Secretary
Chris Chen
Cynthia Sailers
Jessica Wickens

Dear Friends,

I'm grateful for seven fabulous, illuminating years at Small Press Traffic. However, I have decided against returning as director when my year's leave is up in July, 2008. I will no doubt be going on to other literary and nonprofit projects. For now I'm happily engrossed in caring for my two young kids.

SPT has proven over the years to be limber, deep and strong in doing its part to maintain a relevant US literature by attending to culturally diverse innovation. I look forward to being a smaller part of its continuing adventure.

Vive la SPT.

Elizabeth Treadwell