Monday, June 29, 2009

and Don't Forget about August!

The title of the workshop is Oakdish.

Oakland A's /White Sox Game with Bill Luoma
Oakland Coliseum Saturday August 22nd
3:45pm workshop/6:05pm game
$40 includes admission to the game and a baseball to take home/ $30 students and members

In the spirit of the Basketball Aritcle by Meyer and Waldman and Yo-Yo's with Money by Berrigan and Schiff, we will spend some time working on the body of baseball & poetry. Or just poetry since that encompasses baseball.

* Beyond A Boundary, C.L.R. James, Duke Up 1993

* The American Game: Capitalism, Decolonialization, World Domination, and Baseball, John D. Kelly, Prickly Paradigm Press 1996

* The Basketball Article, Bernadette Mayer and Anne Waldman, Shark Books 2005
bring:notebook, pen, binoculars, short poem that will fit on a baseball, some phrase, collage on 4x6 baseball card, hat

* 1 baseball
* 1 copy (facsimile) of Yo-Yo's with Money, Ted Berrigan and Harris Schiff, United Artists 1977
* 1 copy (original) of the proceeds of whatever we do published by subpress if there is enough work/interest
* 1 bleachers ticket to Oakland vs Detroit

*Note* Scholarship admission is available for those who need it. Please contact Samantha for more information. To sign up or get more information by emailing Samantha Giles at

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