Thursday, May 14, 2009


We are so thrilled to announce these upcoming summer workshops! Please pass the word along to your friends and students.

SITE-BASED PRACTICES with David Buuck & Jessica Tully
Marin Headlands Bunkers>Sunday June 21, 11am-2pm
$40 ($30 for students and members)

Please join writer & critic David Buuck & artist & activist Jessica Tully for a site-specific workshop at the former military bunkers in the Marin Headlands. We will explore a wide range of methods and practices related to site-based writing & art practices, including several on-site exercises & experiments. This workshop is designed for ALL levels of interested writers & artists, to explore how we engage place, site, environment & the political histories therein as writers, artists, and citizens. We will provide optional pre-workshop reading that covers both the site's history as well as essays on site-writing & site-specific art practices. We will discuss & explore writing & research techniques as well as much more performative & embodied strategies of site-work, so be prepared to try new ways of thinking, moving, and working!

Note: We will arrange for car-pooling to the site, as well as lunch. Bring notebook, camera, sunscreen, outdoor shoes, layers for wind, etc. The Marin Headlands is home to several former military installations, including the bunkers, the Nike Missile Site, and the current home of the Headlands Center for the Arts.

Conceptualism and Craft with K. Silem Mohammad
CCA San Francisco Campus
Monday through Thursday July 6-9th
Time: 6pm-9pm $125 / $100 students and members

This four-day workshop will begin by examining and rehearsing various techniques central to Conceptualist poetics, broadly considered so as to encompass appropriation, transcription, and other versions of what Kenneth Goldsmith has called “uncreative writing,” as well as the deliberately awkward and expressively debased gestures associated with Flarf. We will then look at these techniques in relation to older and more traditional notions of craft: can there be coherent criteria for craft-based evaluation of texts written using blankly conceptual or intentionally “bad” methods? Do any of the familiar aesthetic categories still apply, and if so, how?

Oakland A's /Detroit Tigers Game with Bill Luoma
Oakland Coliseum
Saturday August 22nd
3:45pm workshop/6:05pm game
$40 includes admission to the game and a baseball to take home/ $30 students and members

In the spirit of the Basketball Aritcle by Meyer and Waldman and Yo-Yo's with Money by Berrigan and Schiff, we will spend some time working on the body of baseball & poetry. Or just poetry since that encompasses baseball.

*Note* Scholarship admission is available for those who need it. To sign up or get more information by emailing Samantha Giles at

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