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In Case You Missed It: A Reading Report by David Brazil

[[SPT READING REPORT, 2/6/2009]]

[[transcribed from [future] notebook No. 9049]]

[[KEY :

*** = page break
[ ] = transcribed brackets (written at time of composition)
[[ ]] = brackets subsequently inserted (editorial brackets)]]


At the reading, SPT.
Kaia & Yedda & Kim.

Brownies in the hallway

I'm sitting in the back row

[[drawings of cubes]]

Sara me Konrad Erika Buuck


Kaia, "Remember to Wave"

Directions read by
Samantha for how to get
to the poem.
"civil control


effects of the living"

"to that which can be carried"

"pods transform the hassle"

divagation into PODs,
if secularity proceeds
out of uprootedness,



"it may prove useful in a time
of emergency"

"alteration therefore are
not allowed"

"portable on-demand shelter"

"We Refugees" (Arendt)

people were living in the
during Katrina

David Buuck, Stephanie Young,
Konrad Steiner.

"free speech ends when
you shout fire in a crowded theatre
-- *but there is a fire*"

slides from Oregon Historical

dialectical tercets

liquidity --
profitable disaster -- what
happens when capital comes
to town --

rewrite gemeinschaft

only language from
starting *now* --

"with fine animal hair"

at lunch I was reading
Kit Robinson on the Dolch
Stanzas --
restricted vocabulary
which is also our
restricted common.
possibility of transfer --

but also with Jules & Taylor
was talking about
Marcus Rediker's "Slave


Ship," which made me think of
Zong!, composed from a
restricted vocabulary (from
court records relating to the
jettisoning of cargo from
the Zong, cargo which
happened to be human
beings) --
and whose
method's spectral, corrosive,
or brings elements into
relief, composes another
song out of the known one
as Radi Os
(Johnson says, "I composed
the holes," on the
model of Lukas Foss' Baroque
Variations, which turns
repertory warhorses into
reminiscent of Webern) --

why anyway now is redaction &
erasure a
crucial tactic,
why do we all know


what redaction means.

"the NAFTA"

"The President Probably Talks"

"who the president is
is shifting"

"my [[illegible]] voices are still talking"

litany of commodity,
commodity litany, & what
cant wedge into that grammar --

"somehow ... hears this"

Samantha's email to Yedda.
Yedda's email back.

Steven Farmer :
"I have no idea what's going on here."



[revisit Girl Scout Nation since the
lights were out during Yedda's
reading] [[see below]]

She had a vest & read by
the light of a Coleman
lantern, & wore a
hood for the middle segment of
the reading --

"I am burning like fire.
I am burning right now."
--Tiffany, age 8,
Troop 64.

Kim Rosenfield.
A scent she's
crafted is wafting its way from
the front of the audience,

"I am not only my
brother's keeper, I am
my brother"
--Samantha's introduction [written by Kim I understood later]


Sure, echolocation, sure.

Kim dedicates her reading to
Abraham Lincoln &
Charles Darwin,
who share a Feb. 12 birthday.

Landscapes of Dissent
of Man,
joked Konrad, earlier.

"sex organs
buried in the earth
beneath a living tree"

"every blank's like the
setting sun"

"the I would go so far as
to reinvent all language"

"economy as waste product"

"ontological and essentialist

"the lake of knowing"


lago di cor

"genderlicious genderbars"

"Vermont frogs
will never meet Florida frogs"

(as I'm writing this
the perfume baton
"The Other Me"
is handed to me by
Konrad & I
pass it on to Sara.

"People, are they different from

"Gender is datum and
we suffer for it."

"Almost the last thing
that keeps people together
is the law."


the vertigo of disgust.
"Sex is nature's trap."

"a creature properly known
as homo apien"

"saintly variants"

"Impulse is the most beautiful force
in human nature,
when it is."

[[codicil to 2/6/09 reading report, transcribed 2/10/09 --
some lines I remember Yedda reading, transcribed out of my copy of Girl Scout Nation,
and in the order of the book & not the reading :

"The unprecedented violence of human power has its deepest roots in (the)
structure of language." --Giorgio Agamben [[not, however, read as an epigraph to the
reading, but rather amidst it, as though it were poem, which perhaps it is?]]

"this goddamn exquisite Winnebago"

"and soft in the Locust we clammy do sing"

"like the moving hairs of the drowned"

"There are these two girls named Fawn"

"Dr. Phil would like to see Fawn H. return to Meadow Haven. Fawn H. is skeptical."

"Oh to be an image

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