Thursday, January 17, 2008

SPT Poets Theater Cabaret: Postponed

As many of you in the Bay Area have no doubt heard, our sister institution 21Grand, home to the important New Yipes reading series as well as wonderful music, art, film & performance programming, has recently been dealing with some "code compliance issues" as defined (& "enforced") by the City of Oakland. As a result, 21Grand has had to jump through numerous bureaucratic hoops in order to retain its licenses for the kinds of programming that tends to challenge the kinds of code categories that city authorities wish to impose. Sadly, although 21G is on the way to getting things squared away with the city, SPT has had to postpone our scheduled Feb.3 Poets Theater Cabaret until this summer. Keep an eye on this space and our website for further updates, and please visit the following sites to find out how you can help 21Grand in this crucial time for local nonprofit alternative arts spaces:

21Grand updates

Bay Guardian article